Arabic Language


Creativity and distinction in the field of Arabic language locally and in the Arabic world.


The department aims at preparing a distinguished graduate in the sciences and research, and qualified educationally and through advanced courses to meet the needs of the labor market, and to contribute to the link between heritage and contemporary, in order to preserve the language of the Holy Quran.


The Strategic Objectives

1.      Providing the student with the required educational standards to progress the teaching of Arabic language before the university.

2.      Raise the level of the student professionally, scientifically and educationally.

3.      Providing students with the necessary linguistic skills to enrich their intellectual, cultural and artistic achievements.

4.      Preparing qualified competencies in the field of teaching Arabic language and literature and work in the public and private sectors.

5.      Linking between the linguistic  heritage and ancient intellectual Arabic , and contemporary with its diverse curricula.