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Vision of Development and Quality Unit:

A modelled unit in ensuring the application of total quality and continuous improvement between corresponding units at the national level.

Development and quality unit Mission:
Achieving academic, research, administrative and community service excellence by strengthening the internal quality system and supporting academic programs to obtain local and international credits

Objectives of Development and Quality Unit:

1- Establishing a culture of quality in the framework of the academic work among faculty members.
2- Improving the quality of the academic programs in the college to meet the mission of the college and the university.
3. Strengthening internal monitoring and evaluation systems in the teaching and learning process within the UNU common system.
4. Data and information management that meets the requirements of evaluation and continuous improvement.
5. Supporting the College's programs to obtain specialized academic credits, whether local or international.
6 - Upgrading the training system for academic and administrative staff to strengthen the system of quality management at the faculty.
7. Supporting the college in managing its social responsibility