Higher Studies And Scientific Research Unit





1-Publishing the culture of scientific research as a local and Arabian  culture.

Preparing Excellence Academic, Scientific Research to make him qualified in the field of  research skills, furthermore has  Ability to innovate  self-learning and  compete in the labor market and comprehensive Development.


Achieving Excellence, Leadership And knowledge Excellence in the field of  scientific research.










2-provide good academic research environment for an excellence researchers in the field of  new scientific research methods.

3-Developing research skills and being able to use  new methodologies.

4-Develop the new research methods  and and mastering them keeping up with  latest development in the new curriculum to build  the cognitive society Proceedings of the global scientific research movement.




5-Sugest New Programs and carrying out it to solve the governorate  problems and its Issues



6-Develop the program of the faculty in the light of recent  scientific attitudes.



7-Incourage the researches of stuff in the faculty and stimulate them to achieve their researches  as an international   researches.



8-Motivay  the stuff to publish  their researches in the international scientific magazine such as ISSN and it has strong  IF