Vision, Mission and Goals



To pioneer in applying E-Systems to participate in building society of knowledge.



The provision of e-learning and distance education system based on qualified cadres, and an advanced technical environment to provide competitive and varied educational services that meet the needs of the community and the labor market and contribute to the advancement of distance education and lifelong learning at the local and regional levels.



1.    Improving the quality of education in the college through the provision of additional teaching methods, based on e-learning techniques.

2.     Preparing and improving cadres to be able to apply  e-learning systems and distance education.

3.    Improve the faculty members' skill in preparing and teaching electronic courses.

4.      Develop students' skills and ability to interact with the variables of the age through modern technologies.

5.      Provide students with the necessary skills to use e-learning techniques.

6. Promote regular education programs with e-learning services to keep pace with modern trends in learning and education.