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Tasks of Academic advising

 Tasks of Academic advising
1.The distribution of new and moving students at the beginning of each year or academic semester on the number of academic guides so that the share of each mentor number of students does not exceed 25 students.
2. Reception of new and transferred students in a comprehensive meeting attended by academic counselors to provide students with the necessary information about the university and the system of study and to introduce students to their academic guidance and duties towards them and their duty towards it.
3.The definition of the new faculty members who are recruited or contracted in the study system, whether in the system of courses or credit hours.
4. Emphasize the academic guides to activate the office hours to benefit the students.
5. Alert students to review the academic advisor when facing any problem or academic difficulties.
6.Identify, introduce, motivate and care for gifted and outstanding students.
7.Identify students who have failed to study and have social, health or psychological problems and take care of them and guide them to solve their problems.
8.Hold periodic meetings with academic advisors.
Unit Plan
1- To welcome the fresh students and to familiarize them with the college and its departments and prepare them for university life.
2- To raise awareness among students about the importance of academic advising.
3- Direct the new students to know the rules, procedures, rights and duties
4- Solve the students' problems related to registration and schedules and study plans
5- Solve the problems of students distribution to the academic advisors. 
6- Solve the problems of absence 
7- Help the weak student  and dismissed academically students 
8- Encourage the outstanding students.