Words of Head of the department


In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate

   We are all aware of the role of universities and colleges in building human beings and in the progress of nations and in the welfare and advancement of their people at various levels. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that believes in the role of science and scientists to meet its needs and qualify it to achieve its lofty goals. The College of Sciences & Arts is one the scientific institutions of Saudi Arabia. The College of Education for girls was established in 1427 AH during its affiliation to the Girls' Education Agency. The department awards a bachelor's degree in science and education in the field of chemistry. The first batch (Girls)  graduated from the Department in 1427H, with the emergence of Najran University in 1427, without changing the name of the degree granted by the Department with the development of its courses for the system of levels, and this last batch of graduates of the Department graduated by the system of academic teams in 1431 H. During the course of ten years, the Chemistry Department represents the source of the inexhaustible gift in the  dissemination of science and the solution of many scientific dilemmas, and has produced many generations and scientific energies, generations has passed tender light that illuminates the way of science for generations.

   The Chemistry Department is characterized by its scientific progress and the keenness of its distinguished professors to be at a high level of sense of responsibility and scientific awareness and the need for graduates to be armed with the latest, most profound and solid scientific information. The department's administrators stressed on the need to pay attention to curricula and modernize them to keep abreast of scientific progress by following up the most important scientific achievements In the field of chemistry.

   The mission of the Chemistry Department is an integral part of the mission of the Faculty of Science and Arts in Sharourah, which works hard to facilitate the types of science and knowledge and to provide society with scientific cadres to remove the consequences and solve the scientific problems facing the service of our beloved country, which is the most in need of different types of science and knowledge. This can be done by opening the horizons of cooperation with the various institutions and departments of the state to find out the country's actual need of research through which the industrial, health and environmental dilemmas facing our beloved country can be solved.

Head of Chemistry Department