Education and Kindergartens

About the Department of Education and Kindergartens –Sharora

The philosophy of NU is to spread its goals in order to develop education, scientific research and community service. The aim is to meet the needs of the Saudi Society in providing highly qualified graduates specialized in the field of special education. A Royal Decree was given to establish a department of special education at NU in the academic year 1430-1341 H. A B.A program in special education , majoring in the difficulties of education, has started, and new specialties in the field of special education will start soon .


  1. Prepare highly qualified professionals and educational leaderships
  2. Prepare students at B.A and postgraduate levels who are capable of dealing with students of special needs
  3. Equip the students with academic and practical experiences so as to work with students of special needs
  4. Cooperate and coordinate with local society institutions which are concerned with special education groups
  5. Train and qualify teachers of special education who are working in the educational sector by holding training courses in special education
  6. Support and encourage scientific research in the area of special education
  7. Organize symposia and lectures related to special education in the local society
  8. Hold special education- related conferences on the national , Arab and international levels
  9. Embark on publishing an academic arbitrated magazine in the field of educational studies by coordinating with the deanship of the College of Education. We hope that this magazine will be an internationally arbitrated magazine.
  10. Establish a specialized center for psychological and educational aptitude
  11. Establish a specialized center of special education in Najran Region to be concerned with the following groups: Mental disabilities, hearing disabilities, visual disabilities , autism, behavior disorders, and contact disorders. This center is concerned with survey , diagnosis and reference .It also aims to provide suitable treatment programs and train the students of special education on how to deal with these groups.
  12. Encourage translation and authorship in the department , so that specialized books of special education could be published.
  13. Legalize some special education-related texts on the Saudi Environment.