About Department

About The Department

Based on the philosophy of the university in the performance of its functions related to education, scientific research and community service, which aims to meet the needs of the Saudi society in the creation of qualified competencies qualified academically high in the field of special education has been approved the introduction of special education section in the academic year 1430/1431 H, To become one of the sections affiliated to the Faculty of Education at the University of Najran. The BA program in Special Education has been launched with a view to learning difficulties, and other tracks will soon be introduced in the field of special education.


1. Preparing cadres and educational leaders at a high level of competence and capability.
2. Preparing undergraduate and postgraduate students who are able to deal with groups of students with special needs.
3. Providing students with scientific and practical experience to work with students with special needs.
4. Cooperation and coordination with local community institutions concerned with special education categories.
5. Training and qualifying special education teachers working in the education sector through holding training courses for them in the field of special education.
6. Supporting and encouraging scientific research in the field of special education.
7. Holding seminars and lectures in the field of special education at the local level.
8. Holding conferences on special education at the national, Arab and international levels.
9. Working on issuing a scientific journal in the field of educational sciences, through coordination with the Deanship of the Faculty of Education, and we hope that this magazine will be a scientific world refereed journal.
10. Working to establish a specialized center in the field of psychological and educational measurement.
11. The establishment of a specialized center in the field of special education in the region of Najran caring for  the following categories: mental disability, hearing impairment, visual impairment, autism, behavioral and emotional disorders, communication disorders. The center aims at conducting survey, diagnosis and referral procedures, And training special education students at the university in how to deal with these categories.
12. Encouraging the translation and writing movement in the department, so that specialized books are issued in the field of special education.
13. Codifying  some tests in the field of special education on the Saudi environment.