Vision | Mission | Objectives

   The Leadership in the teaching, learning and scientific research in the field
of Islamic  sciences and  providing  effective services for  the  community.
The Mission of the Department
We are committed to provide an excellent  learning environment  
providing leading research and community services in the field of the Islamic sciences.
Objectives of the Department:
1) Achieving academic accreditation standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2) Fitting up the department with  the appropriate scientific and educational environment for the specialization.
3) Developing  and implementing academic programs, to qualify distinctive staff  in teaching Islamic sciences who reflect real values ??and ethics of these sciences.
4) Training the students and the employees of the department to raise their competence to assume their great responsibility for  teaching, learning and enhancing scientific researches  in the field of  their specialization.
5) Undertaking  leading research into  the field of Islamic sciences.
6) Participating with other sectors in  providing leading community services
7) Contribute to meet the needs of the labor market by graduating distinctive staff in  teaching Islamic sciences.