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Praise be to God alone, prayer and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammed

My Dear Visitor 

     The Department of Education and  kindergarten is pleased to welcome you and wish you successful visit and useful information.                                                      

  The Department of Education is one of the most important departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is interested in the professional preparation for all students of the college  in various disciplines. It presents a range of courses that work to give the learner information, skills and attitudes to the professional practice of the teaching profession.

   The courses of educational preparation represent  the  content  of educational preparation program for the Faculty of Science & Arts under the integrated system for teacher preparation, which is followed by the teacher preparation in Najran University. The content of  educational preparation for students of the Faculty  includes multiple educational and psychological courses. It serves as the veins and arteries , which pumps Blood to the vibrant heart.

The success of the teacher in his work primarily depends on vocational educational setting that is received in the  institution type preparing him. The  educational preparation program received by the teacher before the service in the institution preparing him has the greatest impact on his rehabilitation for the practice of the teaching profession. This is what distinguishes the teacher from the rest of the workers in various Other fields: in terms of admission policy and selection, objectives, curricula and teaching methods, teaching aids, modern techniques, methods of assessment and its means. The study Plan of educational  courses contain only  (32) units in the areas of teaching, psychology, management and curriculum.   In addition to participating and contributing actively in the preparation of other cadres within the programs of enrollment and higher education diploma.

     The Department includes a program for kindergarten that was opened in the academic year 143 3/1434 H, Girls ' Campus. For the student enrollment, It requires secondary school certificate or its equivalent. The program aims to prepare and qualify graduates of outstanding women in the field of kindergartens. The  study plan in the program consists of (133) credit hours  distributed as follows:  


Number of courses

Credit hours

University Requirements (Islamic Culture, Language Skills, Arabic Editing)



Specialized courses



College Requirements (Educational)






       Out of awareness of practicum, a project has been launched evolutionarily for its various aspects. Development supervision methods have been offered, and providing them with directory of the trainees, and weekly  training workshops providing the student teacher with many ideas, experience, and allow him to debate and dialogue with colleagues and supervisors in this field.

         The community service part was multiple, albeit a project for cooperation with the Office of Education is the most enriching and influential.

        The Department, through the various committees, members have participated in all the work of the college academically, and managerially, measurement, evaluation, and quality.

        The Department  has  distinct  faculty members of various academic degrees (professors, associate professors and assistant professors).